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Welcome to the #1 FREE TEAS Study Guide and Practice Test Site. The Test of Essential Academic Skills or TEAS can be challenging exam to pass, so we’re here to make sure you can do it! Preparing for the TEAS test is essential to your success. There are many methods you can use to secure a passing grade. You could try an online study guide, taking a practice test, or refreshing your basic skills using our site. Everything you need to prepare you for the TEAS test is right here on TEASPracticeTest.org – the #1 FREE online TEAS Practice Test site.

Exam Topics

There are four major topics you need to study in order to pass the TEAS test. English and language usage, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. Each section is given an allotted amount of time and the test overall will have a time limit so you’ll need to keep a good pace when taking the test.

English and Language

The English and language section of the TEAS test will examine your grasp of english language including grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. You will need to know your parts of speech, verb tenses, sentence structure, and more.


The mathematics section of the TEAS test will challenge your knowledge of mathematical operations, measurements, and basic understanding of algebraic equations. Be sure you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers, fractions, decimals, and percentages.


The reading section of the TEAS test will test your reading comprehension skills. You’ll likely be asked questions about a passage of text that describes a story. You will also be asked to read, comprehend and understand charts, directions, labels, and maps.


Science is a large part of the TEAS test specifically your understanding of anatomy and physiology, biology, and other earth and physical sciences. You should be able to interpret pH scale values, understand DNA, read the periodic table of elements, and identify parts of a cell.